Just like the famous trumpeter Eddie Calvert’s hit, Oh My Papa the TRUMPETGUY was very excited to announce to family and friends that I had become a GRAND Papa on the 25th January just gone. After many months of training (with other friends gorgeous kids)  I am proud to advise Cathy and I flew through our first three month trial period with flying colours and I’m very proud to be officially Poppa John! My gorgeous daughter Erica and her partner Shea gave birth to one of the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen in my life. While kinda hoping they would call her John, they settled on Lillie. I think the name is as cute as she is. A perfect name. Erica and Shea are doing an amazing job and I can’t wait to play Lillie her first tune on the trumpet. Always the performer though, I want to wait until she can deliver poppa a rapturous applause!


We have had some great shows over the last four months with good numbers heading to the clubs to see my show. Variety is definitely the secret to success as I play sing and DJ through the night. Patrons can listen to many styles of their favourite music. Ellerslie Races once again kept me busy over our glorious summer right up till mid-March. My only job is to sound the “Call To Post” as the horses come out onto the track but I love the hype and excitement it brings. At the start of the day the crowd is pretty subdued but as they settle in with some fine food and beverages I start to get a little fan club from somewhere in the grandstand and finish the day with a cluster of people in the cheap seats hollering for the TRUMPETGUY when I walk out onto the track. Another thing I love is listening to the bands and entertainers they engage to entertain the crowds once the racing is complete. So far we have had the likes of Tiki Taane, Jupiter Project, Drax Project and the Jordan Luck band. It certainly was a thrill to be invited to join in on a song with Jordan Luck. Jumping up on stage impromptu is certainly not my thing but Jordan and the band insisted on more than one occasion and I must say it was one of the thrills of the year for me. I’m a huge fan of this New Zealand music icon, I loved the movie about the story of his life and on this particular day, I also got to find out first-hand what a neat guy this fella really is. Not one to blow my own trumpet….but I must say the crowd went off when I got on stage. Must have been their pre-afternoon/show bubbles kicking in.

As technology changes I have always ensured I turn up with the right gear to do the job no matter what the occasion. My shows can go from an intimate lunch crowd to a full theatre or ballroom. Sound quality has always been my number one priority whether that be the quality of my backing tracks, microphones used, speakers as well as what comes out of the end of my trumpet. The latter is the only thing I have complete control over and once again I have renewed my sound system with nothing but the best equipment from EDWARDS Sound. I have traveled with rather large speakers over the last ten years but as sound technology gets better EDWARDS Sound have fixed me up with a smaller unit offering the same great performance. I’m loving them. I would highly recommend EDWARDS Sound not just for their product but also their service. Their DAS range of audio is to die for!

As well as all the gigs Cathy and I have been doing a spot of travelling. We went to Brisbane for Easter to enjoy the Australian Brass Band Championships. I was a spectator this time and it was wonderful to see many kiwis sharing their talent at the Ozzie national. We then went to the Gold Coast for a catch up with my son and his partner. While there, I was invited to take part in the Anzac festivities marching down Gold Coast Beach with the Surfers Paradise Brass. In June we plan to catch up with some wonderful brass band friends in Queenstown and then are off to discover Japan in July.

There are still lots of dates free though to start a party at your place and if you have plans for entertainment at your event or venue lets chat.

Don’t forget to tell me your news. I love to hear how all my friends, clients, colleagues and supporters are getting on.

Until next time…

Bye Bye from the TRUMPETGUY.

John McGough