Well I certainly am not. The silly season is not that far away and the events of 2020 has made it come around even faster. I’m no function coordinator and while I’m well equipped to handle the big corporate gigs, my guess is that many companies this year will have staff functions on a smaller scale. Whether that is because of social distancing or lockdown threats, part of me hopes they do. This would help spread the love to the many smaller venues around New Zealand so that more can get a share of the festive season helping as many as possible while saving companies money on lavish events. I’d like to help those venues market that with quality entertainment on maybe a more personal scale. While I love a full on party I can also provide background music for smaller groups. Live trumpet, flugel horn and vocals seem to be very popular for me at the moment and it’s another area of the entertainment spectrum I have enjoyed. Summer is also on the way. Let’s talk about that summer wine tasting in the vineyard, that corner in the restaurant, cafe, bar or that event in the park.


My heart goes out to all that have been affected by Covid 19. Most of all to the victims that have died, families with loved ones they can’t visit and the huge number that have been left without a job. Many of those are musicians. During lockdown many musicians still didn’t stop. Live feeds of their work etc were shared at no cost. I too was busy keeping up the practice, learning new music (in fact a whole new show) taking vocal lessons, selling my album, looking into and purchasing new equipment for my shows, posting some music for my supporters on my Facebook page and generally making sure I am the best prepared for when people can be entertained again. I have heard frustration from a few that think we shouldn’t be in the restrictions we have been confined to. Luckily they are just a few as I feel so fortunate to live in a country that is doing everything they can to keep people safe. Like you, I have many friends and family living overseas and the stories I hear make me feel more and more grateful every day.

I guess the point I would like to make is that many of the good entertainers never stopped working. They probably worked even harder to make their show even better while at home. I’m ready and lockdown has just reconfirmed what I already knew. There are many musicians who love to play. The entertainers need an audience to complete the magic.

I feel so fortunate that while I have had a number of cancellations, the new bookings keep coming. Weddings that were cancelled over summer have been rescheduled for this November. I have Halloween parties booked and my regular clubs still have bookings in place for the rest of the year. I also have some upcoming appearances at Royal Oak Shopping Mall. I would really like to thank the team at Royal Oak. Last lockdown they were planning entertainment for as soon as the restrictions were lifted and again during this most recent lockdown they have rung to book me in as soon as we get to level 2. Thank you, you made my day when you added me to the entertainment line up.

Recently I was featured in an article written by my good friend David Hartnell in the Ponsonby News. It was a one minute interview as we covered off my parents involvement in the Ponsonby area as well as venues I use to play in like the El Cortez in Grey Lynn, the Grey Lynn RSC and the big gigs back in the day at the Gluepot with the Seven Deadly Sins and the late Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers. David’s amazing career was featured recently on TV Ones Seven Sharp. What an interesting life he has had and still does! Described in the Seven Sharp story as one of the great New Zealand journalists, David’s profile and fame has spread across the world and his involvement in the entertainment industry is fascinating. I picked up my copy of the Ponsonby News and it’s a great read. It has lots of interesting articles and it’s a quality publication.

During lockdowns I have been posting a tune each week having a bit of fun on my Face book page

One song a week calling it “Lockdown Lunacy”. I’d love you to join me on the page so give me a LIKE if you will. It’s another great way of keeping up to date with my gigs and fun while out on the road playing. My CD “Two Shades of Brass” is selling really well. Please email me if you would like a copy. The CD’s are just $10nz each plus postage.

Keep safe, keep happy, keep smiling, and in the words of the TRUMPETGUY. Keep working those lips!

Until next time…

Bye Bye from the TRUMPETGUY.

John McGough