CarolBrass has named John McGough the TRUMPETGUY one of their International artists for 2020 and we are both looking forward to a rewarding partnership together.

Hoxon Gaaki Corporation were founded in 1989 and is a family owned, small scale brass instrument factory located in Darling Town, Chiayi in the centre of Taiwan. They manufacture trumpets, trombones, cornets, flugel horns, pocket trumpets, piccolo trumpets, bugles and custom brass instruments under the name of “CarolBrass”. They hand make each piece based on daily orders placed worldwide. They are made with a huge sense of pride and the company host tours through the factory, so visitors can see for themselves the care they give to each individual instrument.


I had not heard of CarolBrass until August of 2018. I was looking for a pocket trumpet, which the name suggests, is a very tiny trumpet to add some variety and gimmick factor to my show. I was referred to Vanguard Orchestral in Wellington and trialled the CarolBrass version of this instrument. It was evident to me straight away, that this instrument was way more than just a gimmick. This wee baby played like a very serious well designed standard size trumpet. Different to other similar styles, CarolBrass pocket trumpets came with a standard size trumpet bell to ensure a rich full sound. Innovation would be one of CarolBrass strengths. They manufacture a range of designs I have never seen before, but all made with the highest of quality. I had to try more, so again visited the New Zealand retailer to sample some of their other horns.  They feel light, easy to blow and can I say it again? So well made.

I now play my new CarolBrass Dizzy Pocket Trumpet, designed similar to the famous trumpet Dizzy Gillespie use to play with the raised upright bell. However my new CarolBrass Euro Bell Trumpet is my pride and joy. Made especially for me, I even got to choose some of the design. These trumpets will turn heads believe me!

I am so proud to be an endorsed artist of CarolBrass and you are welcome to contact me if you would like any further information on these jewel of a find instruments. I am very careful endorsing brands as I believe you need to be one hundred percent committed that they perform as well as you want them to. CarolBrass join KENDERDINE ELECTRICAL and EDWARDS SOUND, two powerhouse suppliers to the New Zealand entertainment industry with their event lighting and sound supplies and I am delighted to call CarolBrass a true supporter of the TRUMPETGUY also.

Gigs have remained very steady this year despite the turbulent year we all have had. I received bookings through Level 3 and 2 making sure venues were set to move forward with some TRUMPETGUY sounds as soon as the restrictions were lifted.

I have corporate bookings in place and some regular performances at the Rialto Centre in Newmarket before Christmas. I have started my fourth season playing for the Auckland Racing Club at Ellerslie. The first meeting of the season was November 3rd, the same day as the great race in Melbourne. I speak of course of the Melbourne Cup. I was seen doing my thing that evening on TV3 National News, as they reported the huge crowds enjoying the day at Ellerslie, while the Melbourne Cup ran with no crowd at all. We are so lucky we are all doing our best to help fight this virus so we can live without the many restrictions the rest of the world are experiencing.

It has been a very challenging year for so many. My heart goes out to those who’s jobs have been affected, that’s most of us in some way, and I’m proud of our kiwi spirit to keep doing the right thing.

I wish you a well deserved Christmas break with your families and a much better 2021.

I will be spreading some Christmas carol cheer this year with my Christmas CarolBrass!

Until next time……

Bye bye from the TRUMPETGUY

John McGough