You have certainly turned the tap on New Zealand and I am so grateful. This has been the busiest start of the year for some time. Admittedly I have had a bit more time to reach out to venues, but it makes that time invested all worthwhile when the answer is YES to having the TRUMPETGUY play at your functions and venues.

The summer racing season is nearly over and a big thanks to Ellerslie for having me. Not only did I enjoy the thrill of playing in front of some huge crowds on race days, but the added publicity from it was also an added bonus with appearances on Seven Sharp, a full story on the LOVERACING.NZ website (see below) The Rural Living magazine as well as the chance to start the Black Seeds set off at the end of one of their biggest meetings of the year. What a blast.

24th May is the Trillian Trust Auckland Cup at Alexandra Park. One of the biggest days in the harness racing calendar and they too have the TRUMPETGUY set to go. I will provide the pre race entertainment with a live set as punters arrive, play the “Call to Track” as the horses appear on track and I will perform the National Anthem (John McGough style) before the feature race of the night.


With the sad closure of many RSA’s in Auckland City over the years it is still cool to get my groove on at Henderson RSA. I must admit it’s easy to see why they are still open for business, when you see the life they put into their club out west.

As a result of the reduction of RSA clubs, I have tried my luck approaching some absolutely gorgeous retirement villages. Resorts are a better way of describing them. They have embraced my one hour shows as well as my dinner and dance packages. I have had some great support from Summerset & Metlifecare villages over the last year, as well as independent villages. I am also pleased to see more recently, Ryman Healthcare finding out more about John McGough the TRUMPETGUY. A resident just last week said to me “we have lots of musicians coming in to play a few tunes, but it’s the life stories you tell and the real entertainment value you bring, that sets you apart”. Aww thanks xx.      

Hamilton is keeping things rocking also. Bookings are secured for multiple shows at Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club. I also have one show at Hamilton Workingmen’s Club.

Keep an eye on the gig guide for all of these dates.

Like everyone’s life, situations change, and I am pleased to be in a better position to once again take on additional engagements. Another reason for the surge. If you are ready to party, I’m in a better position to say yes to your date. It feels so good to have that availability back again. A space I was in for so many years pre Covid.                 

Not being the sharpest when it comes to technology, I always missed that era when television gave me the opportunity to get into kiwis living rooms like we did back in the 80’s. With all these TV networks currently cutting back these days. Any further exposure on TV is getting more and more unlikely.  

I never did think that the internet would ever provide me with another revenue stream. I never dreamt that royalty payments would ever be another string to my bow? I thought only the likes of Taylor Swift and friends would ever get a paycheck from the internet. To earn money through royalties on the internet, you need to be pulling HUGE numbers. I am blown away that even on a quick count, I have had over 820 thousand people checking out the TRUMPETGUY on YouTube alone.  

Well over half a million of those views are of my performance at the Variety Artist Club of New Zealand Entertainment Awards. Another two hundred thousand have listened to my version of Besame Mucho, off my album “Doin What I Do”. These two posts alone have certainly helped bump up those numbers.

Air New Zealand tell me they have had a huge response to both my albums being on their international flights. A reason why I have been retained over five years now, alongside many famous New Zealand artists on their on-board entertainment console. They tell me they have even had enquiries from passengers asking how to purchase my recordings.

So right now I’m a pretty happy boy. All the hard work over decades is paying off and I am so grateful to all of you for helping make things happen. Especially right now. Just look at the gig guide!

I love performing so much. My wife Cathy gets all the news when I get home after one successful night after another.

Having people love your music, bringing joy, still playing well and entertaining, is the greatest feeling ever.

Thank you.                     

Don’t forget to tell me your news as I always love to hear from you. Until then…..

Bye bye from the TRUMPETGUY      

John McGough